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Annual MeetingJuly 25 JL, JB, TH, DM

The highlight of the Friends of the Irving Museums annual meeting were two donations made to the soon-to-be-opened Irving Archives and Museum. First, Jimmy Bellew and Diane Mannon presented a check from the Irving Heritage Festival to IAM’s Jennifer Landry and Todd Hawkins. The Festival, which was held from 1991 to 2006, was a free community event and any proceeds came from donations and booth rentals. Old fashion crafts like rope making, blacksmith, sorghum making, chair caning, etc., were also demonstrated.  The most recognized performers were the Dixie Chicks and Ray Wylie Hubbard.  The $5,000 check is targeted for special acquisitions.

The Irving Heritage Society, represented by Anne Pfaff, then made a donation of $55,000. This money had been donated over several decades as the society worked to accomplish their goal of a heritage museum for the City of Irving. For a long time, memorials received by the Heritage Society were also put into this fund.

July 25 Jennifer, Todd, Anne Pfaff



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